How do I pick the correct class for my child?

  • Levels 1-3 are primarily assigned by age with some attention to prior dance training.
    • Level 1- ages 3-4(must be potty trained)
    • Level 2- ages 5-6
    • Level 3- ages 7
  • Levels 4-7 are assigned by the instructor based on the level of technique that the student has mastered with some attention to age. Upper levels students may be in different levels for the type of dance that the student is studying.
  • We offer a complimentary class to assist with placement. Please note that placement is assigned in order to give the student the greatest chance of success and joy in their classes.

What type of “outfit” should my children have for dance class? Are special shoes required?

  • Levels 1-4 They may wear a pink or black dance skirt if it is not distracting for them. Much the same as a swimsuit, under garments are not worn.
  • Levels 5-7- A dance skirt may be worn. Pink ballet slippers are worn. Pointe shoes should be discussed with the instructor prior to purchase. Exceptions are at the teacher’s discretion. These students may wear dance shorts for jazz and tap classes and tan and black tights will sometimes be worn. Please discuss tap and jazz shoes with the instructor prior to purchase.
  • NO BLACK tap shoes unless they are in level 6/7. Everyone else wears caramel leather tap shoes.
  • Level 1-4 wear black leotard, Pink tights, Pink Ballet shoes(not slippers), caramel tap shoes
  • Level 5 may wear any color leotard, Pink seamed tights, Pink Ballet shoes, Caramel tap shoes, black leather jazz shoe
  • Level 6-7 May wear any color leotard, Pink seamed tights, Pink split sole ballet shoes, black lace oxford tap, Black leather jazz shoe

Where do I purchase the dancewear?
There are dance stores in Kirkwood, Lemay, Fenton, Chesterfield. DO NOT purchase from a normal shoe store or online. The cost is almost the same. The quality and comfort are much better at the dance stores.

How do I know what tuition will be?
Please see the tuition information on the studio brochure or on the web page. Tuition is based on the number of hours that a family takes each week.

How and when do I pay tuition?
Tuition is due by the 5th of the month-Please contact Kate or Jennifer if you need other arrangements. A late fee may be applied if tuition is not paid by date due. Tuition reminders will be sent to the email provided at registration. You may pay your tuition with cash, check or online options. Speak with the instructor about online options-PayPal and Venmo.

I can’t afford all the tuition, is there any help available?
The Gateway Dance Conservatory will make every effort to offer financial support to families who demonstrate a need. There is an application available and once submitted with the appropriate support documents it will be presented to the Board for review.

Generally, a response is given within a month. We do ask families who receive financial support to let a Board member know if your circumstances change so that the resources we have may be used in the most appropriate fashion.

We are able to pay the tuition but can’t afford the leotard and shoes, are there any resources available to help us get started?
Yes! We have a large inventory of shoes and some dancewear available for loan. In general, tights will need to be purchased.

I noticed that there are two locations listed on the webpage, we would like to sign up for classes but the times are better for one student at the South County location and the other fits better in Pacific, can we attend both locations?
You may attend classes at either/both locations.

Are there studio performances? Are they required?
Currently, there are two performance opportunities for all students. There is a performance in December and one in June. Although they are not required, they are strongly recommended. Performing is an integral part of dance education…..and it is fun!

There may be other community program opportunities.

Upper level students may be asked to participate in the Junior Company and competition programs as those programs are developed.

Are there costs to participate?
Yes, there are some costs for participation in recitals. Each student will need a costume and tights/shoes for each number and tickets are required to watch the program.

The GDC uses a costume rental program to keep costs manageable. Each costume rents for $20 providing it and all associated pieces are returned in usable condition after the performance. This is compared to the $60-$120 that costumes can cost if purchased. Tights are bought in bulk in order to reduce cost.

Ticket cost is kept to a minimum but ticket sales must cover the cost of rental fees for the building and supplies.

Fund raising-
What can I do to help the GDC grow?
Thank you for asking! There are a number of ways to support growth at the GDC. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Personal and corporate giving will support the scholarship and dancewear and costume rental programs…..we have information that you may use. Please check with your employer about match giving. Bringing in new students to join the GDC helps grow all the programs. There is a silent auction at the spring performance that families are asked to find donations for-proceeds go to support studio programs.